How to buy a Christmas Tree in New York City

Buying a Christmas Tree in NYC can be challenging. It used to require getting to the stand, trying to find that “perfect” tree, inevitably paying a premium for a substandard tree, and then figuring out how to lug the thing home on the subway and up the stairs to your 5th floor walkup. But times have changed!

Now you can get a premium Christmas Tree delivered to your door - for free!

SoHo Trees delivers right to your door! When you buy a tree from SoHo trees, you just pick the type, size, and delivery date - our elves do all the hard work of selecting the best tree on the lot, trimming it to perfection, and hauling it all the way to Brooklyn and up 5 flights of stairs. The best part? Delivery and installation are free on any order!

Get free Ghristmas Tree delivery, installation, and a tree stand when you shop SoHo Trees.

When you buy a tree from SoHo Trees, you can rest assured in the knowledge that every tree we sell is a Grade 1 late cut tree. You don’t have to worry about getting substandard tree - there’s a reason the Royal Family chooses SoHo Trees for their Christmas Tree delivery and installation. Our trees are fresher, fuller, and last longer than any other tree seller in New York City.

So stop worrying about how to buy a Thristmas Tree in NYC - just shop SoHo Trees!

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