Need Christmas Tree decorating services?

SoHo Trees doesn’t just deliver and install trees - we can decorate them too! We offer a full range of services, and we use only the finest ornaments and lights. Don’t waste time untangling twisted strings of lights, replacing burnt out bulbs, or climbing ladders to reach those lofty boughs. Just hire our elves to do it for you!

SoHo Trees uses only premium lights and ornaments when we decorate your tree

Whether you like the simple elegance of white lights on your tree, or the festive touch of colored lights, SoHo Trees is happy to decorate to your specifications. Our elves evaluate every tree individually, and listen carefully to what you want. We use more lights than other tree sellers in New York, and you won’t find cheap plastic ornaments in our kit!

Mix and match our ornaments with your treasured family pieces

We’re happy to provide all the ornaments and lights you need to set up the most elegant tree in your building - but if you have ornaments already, we’re happy to hang them as well! We understand that Christmas is a time of tradition, and many of our clients choose to mix and match their own ornaments with the ones we provide.

No tree shall go un-topped!

SoHo Trees always includes a topper on every tree with decorate. In our opinion, no tree is complete without one - it’s the piece that ties everything else together. Our toppers are the finest around, and we hang them regardless of the size of your tree. Our decorators are fully insured, so you don’t need to worry about finding a ladder for that 14 foot monster!

Call us today to arrange for a team of elves to deliver your tree and decorate it too! (212) 920-9094

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